How to Overcome Peer Pressure in School

Overcome Peer Pressure :
I received the highest academic award in my seventh, eighth and ninth grades respectively in Wilson Junior High School. I had worked hard to be at the top of my class, probably harder than anyone else in the school. Our family moved to Detroit and I enrolled in a new school named Hunter Junior High School. I still maintained my high academic performance.

After a short time, however, I felt a new pressure that nearly destroyed me. I wasn’t social enough to keep up with peers, or to make friends. I was also homeschooled, which meant that I had to be well-behaved and respectful of my parents’ time. By being self-contained and owning my actions, I was able to focus on my studies.

I still maintained my esteem through peer pressure, but it was a different type of pressure. By being popular, I was able to escape from some of the more challenging behaviors, such as skipping school and substance abuse. I also remained self-controlled, which helped me to do well in both my schoolwork and socially.

I met my future husband while in high school. He was also popular. At first, because we were both extremely shy, we could not even talk in class. Most people would not have been able to talk to us, and even make eye contact with us. We were also both impulsive, so we ended up on the playground and sometimes off it. But like most people, we eventually grow out of that phase and enter a more adult life.

I received the Best of Mother award from my kindergarten teacher. She was moved by my Mom’s sacrifice, and commented how proud she was of her “little monster”. I received a commendation from my parents for the job well done. I maintained my good reputation in both the public and my home life.

In middle school, I advanced to the point where I was offered a full ride scholarship to attend the University of Michigan. I blanked out for a moment, then remembered that my parents had made it very clear that they wanted me to go to college. I even talked about the offer with my best friend, who had also been accepted at U Michigan. Sheamia was conveniently on the same bus as me, and we rode together to dinner and the party.

There was another award that came along with being certified. I was named Student of the Year by my high school, which was also the first time that had happened. Even though it was a nice award, it brought a lot of attention to my abilities. It was nice to be recognized, but I wildfires a little bit about how it was a sham since I had already received so many awards for academic achievement. Overcome Peer Pressure

I kept up with other students in college, but I had a lot of trouble in keeping my grades up. My necklace had a quarter sized hole in it. Oh, how I longed for a boyfriend, but I was pretty much left out by everyone. By the time I was 14, I was mostly known for my singing, and I sang at the choirs on church Sunday service.

It was not until I was 17 that I started to gather interest for my singing voice. I entered a singing contest with a friend, and won. That brought a career that I was able to get more involved with. I entered several singing contests, and won for several, but didn’t get into the contest of the winners. I was labeled as the underclassmen, and wasn’t able to participate in the singing competition.

In 1958, I sang with the cast of Messiah at Hudson Community Center in Purchase. That facilitated the beginning of my career. There were two openings for Second Singers. I was able to fill in for an entire semester.

I had been getting stage time from youth groups in Fort Wayne, and sang with them for a few years. I wanted to see if I could get recognized by a professional production company. I was lucky enough to get parts in two of the shows, which were Hitler and Julius Caesar.

I had been singing with both in public since I was 11 years old. Hitler was a rap singer, and a very popular one. He had over 132 million records worldwide. Caesar was a singing aristocrat, and his show included – I think – Shakespeare, Liza Minelli, Maroon 5, David Cassidy, Garth Brooks, and more.

gged to attend a variety of church services every Sunday, I had been doing so for years. I sang in the church for several years. Then one day, I was introduced to a Growing Up Shakespeare event. I had never seen a play that was so … historical. It was actually set in the time period … I mean really historical. Overcome Peer Pressure