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Essay Help Blogs :
Educational website creating and sharing blogs is aBlogger phenomenon. A really helpful way for teachers to encourage their students to express their ideas and opinions on classroom management, curriculum, teaching and student behavior.

About Blogger:

Educational blog writing allows students to present their ideas in a way that is specific to them. As opposed to newspapers and online articles, blogs allow students to write their own articles which are duplicates of those used by teachers.

Blogging improves:

Writing blogs allow students to present their thoughts on a specific topic in a logical, ordered fashion. Students also learn how to express themselves freely and creatively without fear of ridicule by classmates.

Writing a blog can:

Help students explore new ideas by sharing thoughts on how well they have achieved a task. It encourages them to improve their work ethics and to showcase their work to a wider public.

Gain confidence by writing blog posts that have a positive affect on others.

Help students learn how to start and manage a blog.

Assign students who cannot effectively network in person to communicate with classmates through blogging.

English and writing skills with online blogs come to life for students through the process of writing and policing. The act of writing itself, and the fact that students now have the means to publish their thoughts and progress has a empowering effect on students.

Teacher instructs students to start using blogs within the classroom as a way of encouraging students to communicate with friends and parents online. This in turn, not only encourages students to communicate with the school community online, but it also helps them in building their confidence, and a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Blogs as mediums:

Blogs as mediums can be used successfully by students engaged in writing activities to communicate their ideas and interact with classmates and teachers. A simple way to get your students into the process is to use blogs to allow students to write stories explaining why they chose a particular school or teacher, or why they dislike a particular activity. You can also get the students to compile information that can be used in the classroom.

Here are examples of some ideas:

I Am an artiste. I draw. I am frustrated with my lack of skills. I write about my experiences as an artiste and what challenges that create for me.

I am a freelance writer and editor and I enjoy creating fictional characters and rewriting history for my students.

I want to be an astronaut. But I am stuck at the bottom of the roster for not enough space and not enough money.

I spectated an unusual star and it fading. The last time I visited this planet it was red and square.

Life of a spacesuit was very exciting. They must eat on a diet of fruits and vegetables. The suit weigh not more than seven pounds and can be worn only by astronauts.

I visited my cousin who lives on the moon. It is unusual to see such places on Earth. We shared the information that we had collected and one of the most popular questions we were asked was whether we would try going to the moon.

We tried going to the moon! But we had to return to EarthAnother interesting question posed to us by the students was why do we lose our Moon?

Why haven't we been to the Moon by now?

What can be done about pollution?

What should be done about the population?

How do we know sex education works?

Why aren't more of us striving to be scientists?

Isn't it time to try using satellite photos to get an picture of the surface of the Moon?

Then there was another question posed to us that had to do with the state of affairs on Earth.

Should we be teaching our young people to ask questions and seek answers and to follow up and develop their own answers or find someone else to do it for them?

I think questions and answers are the specialty and strength of all human beings, instead of screens that they can run up and click away on.

I can see all the screens but I can’t tell you what they are.

Can you match up a question with an answer?

Can you find the answer by reading a question?

I can’t match answers with questions. I use the search engine feature to find the most relevant and questions with the links to the answers.

You can make your own links and generators are like bits of cake, so are back links. Essay Help Blogs