Period Packaging:

A. Period tin lunch pail (useful as a cannister for dry items

B. Period mustard bottle

C. Mid 19th c. pickle bottles

D. Catsup bottle

E. Hostetter's bitters (lable is a repro made by scanning an ad from Harper's Weekly, 1864)

F. Patent medicine bottles

G. 1849 patented iron muffin tin

H. Repro "Gaudy Welsh" style pitcher

I. Colonial Williamburg sugar cone. Should be larger and wrapped in purple.

J. Repro set of black japanned tins, sold via James Townsend, Rev War supplier. Useful for dry items

K. Original period spice boxes

L. Large brown stoneware crock

(not numbered, between L & M: black glass whiskey bottle with repro label scanned from ad for whiskey in 1864 Harpers)

M. Original tin cannister (probably for tea) with 1851 patent label

N. Period whiskey bottle in "ladies leg" neck shape

O. Period cased gin bottle with remnants of label

P. Ca. 1850's black glass whisky bottle, dug from privy in New Orleans

Q. Repro Staffordshire dog pitcher

R. Original stoneware crock with Shenandoah Valley provenance

S. Repro stoneware bellarmine jug from James Townsend. Shape is good, style of the blue painted design is way too late for 18th c but will do in a pinch for our era. Colleen recommended better sources.

T. Original ca. 1830's 3 necked ringed decanters.

U. Original bottle with olive oil, corked and sealed with sealing wax.

V. Modern tin cannister, spray painted black to simulate japanning.

W. Original vinegar bottle. Olive oil ("sweet oil") often came in similar bottles.