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How To > Patterns > AGSAS Soldiers Sock Pattern

Atlantic Guard Soldiers’ Aid Society

"Directions for Knitting Socks" from the United States Sanitary Commission Bulletin, Volume I, Number 31, February 1, 1865, p. 963

1 lb. Yarn knits three pair socks

Use No. 13 needles, and three-threaded yarn.

For small sock, set up 65 stitches – foot 10 inches long.

For medium sock, set up 70 stitches – foot 11 inches long.

For very large sock, set up 75 stitches – foot 12 inches long.

Leg. – Cast on stitches.  Rib 3 ½ inches.  Knit plain 6 ½ inches, keeping one stitch seam.

Heel. – Take half the stitches on one needle for the back of heel.  Knit three inches, seaming every other row.  Then turn the heel thus:  Knit three-quarters of your stitches, and slip and bind the first stitch of the last quarter.  Turn and seam back, repeating the same on the first stitch of the quarter at the other end, and so on, back and forward, till the two end quarters are used up.

Instep. – Divide the remaining stitches on two needles, and pick up on each needle the stitches on that side of the heel.  With these and the stitches on the instep needles begin the foot.  Narrow at the last stitch but two on the side needles, near the instep needles.  Do this every other round until you have reduced the number of stitches on each heel needle to half that on the instep needles.

Foot. – Knit on plain till your foot is the right length, allowing 2 ½ inches for the toe.

Toe. – Knit one round, narrowing every seventh stitch.  Then knit six rows plain.  Knit one round narrowing every sixth stitch.  Five rows plain, and so on till you narrow every other stitch.  Cast off.

Run heels and toes.

To avoid running, and make heel double, follow directions for heel as above; but on seam needles, slip every other stitch.